شركة Dell تدعو الجميع الأسبوع القادم لرؤية حاسبها النحيل والأخف وزنا .


أذا بما أن شركة Dell قتلت حاسبها المحمول Adamo ذالك الحاسب النحيل والتصميم الخرافي ألا أنها وعدتنا بأنه سيكون هنالك خليفة من هذا النوع من الحاسبات وهاهي تستعد للأعلان الأسبوع القادم عن حاسب محمول جدا نحيل وممتع ومثير جدا  وتحفه فنيه في التصميم وقوي من ناحية المواصفات حيث سيستخدم منصة الساندي بريدج ورقائق Cougar Point وستكشف عن جيل جديد من أنظمة Dell Inspiron كل هذا سيكون في الأسبوع القادم وسيتمكنالأشخاص من طاقمي الأعمال من أختيار رقاقات Cougar Point مع الحاسبات Sandy Bridge القادمه مثل حاسبات Latitude المحموله والحاسبات المكتبيه Optiplex بالأضافة إلى الحاسبات المحموله والمكتبيه من عائلة Precision .
البيان الصحفي بالداخل

ROUND ROCK, March 7, 2011 – Dell today announced that it will introduce additional new Sandy Bridge-equipped systems next week, building on its already large portfolio of products featuring the Intel 6 Series chipsets (Cougar Point).
The new products, which will roll out in the next six weeks, will be found in the company’s leading Inspiron product line and a new ultra-slim notebook that will combine beauty and brawn in a form factor that will excite and delight.
Dell already is shipping the broadest array of Sandy Bridge-equipped systems of any PC manufacturer. Dell, in fact, was the first to reintroduce the revolutionary Intel 6 Series chipset (Cougar Point) to the market on Feb. 21 with the launch of new high-performance XPS 15 and 17 laptops as well as an XPS desktop. In just the last two weeks, Dell rapidly expanded the number of Intel 6 Series-equipped systems to include Alienware desktops and laptops and a small-business Vostro desktop.
“Everyone from hard-core gamers to professional users and small-business owners can now choose Intel 6-equipped systems from Dell, delivering the ultimate performance they need to do more,” said Sam Burd, vice president of Dell’s consumer and small/medium business product group. “We are committed to the technology, and will be incorporating the architecture into additional products in the coming months, including our award-winning and popular Inspiron series and an innovative new form factor that will debut this spring.”
In addition to the Inspiron systems and ultra-slim notebook, Dell soon will begin shipping Sandy Bridge (Cougar Point) options for business customers, including several Latitude laptops, OptiPlex desktops and Precision workstation desktop and laptop options.
“We are committed to expanding upon the broad array of Intel 6-equipped products we are currently offering,” Burd said. “In addition to being the first company to reintroduce the Sandy Bridge technology, we offered the broadest array of options for our customers who were initially affected during the original stop-ship.”
Following the Intel announcement, Burd noted that Dell immediately put pending shipments on hold; offered affected customers an array of options, which included the ability to return affected units, keep affected units until a replacement was made, or keep their current order open until the reworked systems were available. This rapid communication to customers, Burd noted, is ingrained in Dell’s heritage of listening to its customers and engaging with them directly through various social media platforms liked Direct2Dell, Facebook and Twitter, and also through retail partners worldwide. Dell’s products, in fact, are found in more than 65,000 retail outlets worldwide.
Further details about the new Inspiron systems will be announced next week; the new ultra-slim consumer notebook will be revealed in April.